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Hal Feder has over 3 decades of experience as a global leader with the Ford Motor Company. He also served as the President of RMA Automotive, a family owned, privately-held portfolio of retail distributorships covering eight automotive brands in Asian and African emerging markets. His aim is to leverage this experience working as your trusted advocate. Whether you are selling, buying, or need support and counsel getting the most out of your hard-earned business or real estate investment. Professional Background Hal grew up in the auto business as the son of a Ford District Manager, earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Masters of Business degrees at the University of Kansas and Florida respectively, He then set out on a very successful Ford career himself. His sales and marketing background placed him in many dealer-facing positions both in the USA and abroad. He worked directly with independent, entrepreneurial business owners in every functional discipline – sales, service, distribution, marketing, and franchise development. Hal served in Ford's Regional teams in the Louisville, Atlanta, Orlando, and Memphis field offices and was responsible for managing buy-sell transactions involving the ownership transfer of many Ford and Lincoln franchises. He has also consulted thousands of business owners across the USA and was named General Sales Manager in January 2010. Hal also served as President and CEO of Ford's South African operation (2007-2009), managed Ford's North American Fleet business (2003-2004), and led the Global Export business (2012-2013), covering 84 emerging markets. After 30 years, Hal left Ford in May 2013 to pursue the retail side of the business and was appointed President of RMA Automotive, a privately held, family owned portfolio of retail distributorships. From 2013-2015, Hal oversaw all product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service operations for an automotive business whose footprint spanned 20 countries and 5,000 employees. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Hal was responsible for the development, execution, and delivery of the automotive growth plan This included in-market retail dealerships in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan representing eight automotive brands. In addition, Hal was responsible for oversight of 62 global markets for the Jaguar Land Rover brands through RMA's subsidiary company, Guava, located in the United Kingdom. Hal Feder brings a wealth of global experience, leadership, and consulting skills to his business intermediary advisiory at Murphy Business and commercial real estate role at Coldwell Banker. His experience in both the wholesale and retail sectors of the business enterprise, his consulting experience covering small and large business owners, and his proven leadership for delivering business results makes him an ideal candidate to assist you with any business or real estate challenge you may be facing. Hal is married, has three grown kids, and resides in Williamsburg, Virginia where he enjoys his family, dogs, sports, and travel. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to partner with you.

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